EXTesia Introducer Sheath Set is US FDA Approved
Time:Apr 28, 2022 View:11420

Curatia Medical Inc EXTesia Introducer Sheath Set was FDA approved on Apr. 27, 2022. EXTesia Introducer Sheath is available in 4,5,6 and 7F sizes with 5,7,10,16 and 25cm in length.  It is designed to reduce radial access trauma and spasm. The sheath material with kink recover technology would maintain its atraumatic shape during procedure & reduce the need to exchange the sheath. With its smooth transition, taper tip and hydrophilic coating, EXTesia Introducer Sheath would reduce insertion force.

EXTesia Introducer Sheath Set comes with variety selection of guide wire sizes in 0.018, 0.021, 0.025, 0.035 and 0.038”, as well as 2 types of needles: metallic and IV catheter gage, matching variety of guide wire sizes.

Introducer Sheath Set

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