HW-Flex Distal Access Catheter

HW-Flex distal access catheter is designed to introduce interventional or diagnostic devices to peripheral and neuro vascular systems
The optimal combination of trackability and support -- the newly designed HW-Flex distal access catheter
Hi-way multi-layer fusion technology with multi-segment gradient design achieves a perfect balance for enhancing catheter system navigation through challenging anatomy and maximizing procedural stability or support
Flex composite material combined with HS hydrophilic coating promotes a smooth and atraumatic vessel interaction for an ideal deliverability
Thin wall catheter system design allows efficient 1:1 torque control and excellent kink resistance
0.071'' (1.80mm) lumen enabling dual device delivery for rapid primary access of today’s most complex therapies
  • Comparison between HF-Flex and other brands

    ManufacturersBrandID (in)OD (in)Length (cm)
    CuratiaHW-Flex0.0710.083115, 125, 132
    MicroventionSophia plus0.0700.082115, 125, 131
    MedtronicReact 710.0710.0855132
    StrykerCatalyst 70.0680.082115, 125, 132
  • Order Information

    Catheter SizeLength (cm)Order Number
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